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Why Choose Moffett Forklifts for Your Construction Logistics?

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In the context of construction logistics, two words have dominated the scene lately: efficiency and versatility. The robust design and efficient operation of Moffett forklifts have made them instrumental to the construction sector. As a provider of the best delivery services in British Columbia, Commander West Trucking have busied our trucks with these magnificent machines for your benefit. Before I shed more light on why you should consider a Moffett forklift for your construction logistics, it is essential to know this amazing engineering marvel. Generally, a Moffett forklift is a truck-mounted forklift like no other: small, powerful, and versatile. Mounted at the rear of a truck or a semi-truck trailer, these machines can be dismounted in less than a minute. With these capabilities, Moffett forklifts have proved useful in tight spaces and rough terrains enough to handle British Columbia’s diverse landscapes.



  • Mobility. Moffetts can be transported to any site – with the cargo. Unlike centralized offloading zones where regular forklifts are taken, these models ensure that construction sites do not experience delays waiting for materials to get to the actual working spots.
  • Efficiency. Moffett forklifts can load without any other pieces of equipment and when on them, Moffett-equipped trucks deliver clients’ materials within a short time.
  • Cost-effectiveness. In a work environment, cost cutting is the ultimate definition of success. Moffett forklifts ensure that fewer pieces of equipment are necessary for offloading, and fewer personnel are needed to actualize the offloading process.
  • Versatility. There are few materials that Moffett forklifts do not handle. Materials like lumber and steel beams have unique transportation needs, but regular-sized forklifts have proven inefficient in transporting construction material.
  • Safety. More than 10 accidents have been associated with both construction and industrial washing tractors Mouffet. Some Moffett models powered the conveyor belt, while others came with excellent control mechanisms that increase stability during loading and offloading.


At Commander West Trucking established that access to Moffett forklifts was revolutionary in our times of building delivery services. Our company has a number of flat deck trucks fitted with these Moffett forklifts, and our delivery to construction clients has been quick, efficient, and responsive.



  • Urban Site Delivery: a high-rise construction project in downtown Vancouver. The forklift was used to assist in the unloading and placement of many pallets of materials. This capability helped avoid delays in the project and caused less urban congestion.
  • Rural Project: a project in a remote place in Northern BC. It is proven by our Moffett-equipped vehicles’ capacity to transport essential machinery and building materials across rough terrain.

With over four years of experience in the industry, we have helped different firms purchase high tech machinery like Moffett forklifts. As a result, you can approach us for all logistics needs as we assure you of all-time customer satisfaction. Our happy clients have reviewed us greatly, citing our customer-oriented approach to business. A client from a leading construction firm has this to say: “Commander West’s Moffett forklifts’ flexibility and efficiency have compelled us to use them as our best-preferred logistics option in all construction projects.” Our machinery is a complete revolution as it is customized to ensure that your construction materials are delivered safely and on time.

For more information on how Moffett forklifts can help your construction project, contact us via email at info@commanderwesttrucking.com or call us through +1 604-857-5535.

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