Effortless Delivery, Anywhere You Need:


Precision Moffett Services by Commander West Trucking.

Effortless Delivery, Anywhere You Need:


Precision Moffett Services by Commander West Trucking.

Effortless Transportation

At Commander West Trucking, combining Moffett delivery with flatbed trucks allows us to effortlessly transport large shipments. This combination ensures a seamless and efficient process for oversized and heavy cargo.

Understanding Moffett Delivery Services

Moffett delivery trucks excel at loading and unloading heavy materials and equipment. Their maneuverability and power simplify transportation and ensure workforce safety.

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Benefits of Moffett Delivery

  • Cost Savings: No need to buy and maintain your own Moffett truck.
  • Reduced Liability: Our professionals handle the job, eliminating insurance concerns.
  • Skilled Operators: Trained operators ensure safe and efficient operation.
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Versatility and Capabilities

Moffett delivery trucks can handle over 10 tons, making them perfect for transporting heavy machinery and construction materials. They ensure safe delivery on any terrain and have a spacious cargo area for easy loading and unloading.

Truck and Equipment Types

At Commander West Trucking, we offer a variety of truck types to meet your specific transportation needs:

  • Single Axle
  • Tandem Axle (w/ Tractor Trailer)
  • Tandem Axle (w/ Straight Truck)
  • Tri-Axle
  • Super B

We also provide specialized equipment to ensure the safe and efficient handling of your cargo:

  • Crane
  • Moffett
  • Tractor
  • Trailer

frequently Asked Questions on Moffett Delivery

A Moffett on a truck refers to a forklift mounted onto a lorry. This innovative setup allows delivery drivers to conveniently self-load and unload goods at various destinations without needing separate forklifts or waiting for on-site trucks and operators. The Moffett on a truck provides greater efficiency and independence in the delivery process.

The name "Moffett truck" is derived from its inventor, Robert Moffett. Robert Moffett is the visionary behind developing and producing the first truck-mounted forklift, known as the Moffatt Mounty. His innovative creation brought about significant advancements in the industry, leading to a notable impact and growth in the use of truck-mounted forklifts.

The term Moffett has an interesting etymology. It is derived from the Gaelic words "magh" and "fada," meaning "field" and "long," respectively. Therefore, Moffett literally translates to "from the long field."

A Moffett forklift operates by attaching directly to the rear of a delivery vehicle, commonly an articulated vehicles, while still allowing for the full utilization of the vehicle's space. This type of vehicle-mounted forklift proves to be extremely beneficial when industrial forklifts are unavailable at company sites. Moffett forklifts provide a practical and efficient solution for handling goods and materials during deliveries.

The lifting capacity of Moffett forklifts varies depending on the specific model. However, they typically have weight capacities ranging from 1,500 to 8,000 lbs. It is remarkable, considering the user-friendly nature of Moffett lifts. Furthermore, many Moffett lift models have specialized features like low-profile units and extended reach for convenient loading and unloading.

The Kubota engine is one of the most commonly used engines in Moffett forklifts. The Kubota engine is highly regarded as a premier industrial engine, known for its exceptional quality and compatibility with Moffett forklifts. It provides superior performance, making it an ideal choice for efficient materials handling.

A truck with a forklift mounted on the back is called a truck-mounted forklift or a Moffett delivery truck. It may also be known by other names such as Donkey, piggyback forklift, or all-terrain forklift. Regardless of the name, these trucks play a crucial role in loading and unloading heavy goods for transportation.

The weight of Moffett delivery trucks varies depending on the specific model and configuration. As there are multiple models available, there is no single weight measurement. However, Moffett delivery trucks are designed to operate easily, providing efficient handling capabilities while accommodating substantial weight capacities.

Since 2000, Moffett forklifts have been owned by the Cargotec Corporation. Moffett was merged with Kooi, forming a unified product line to deliver a competitive edge in the market. This ownership and integration have contributed to Moffett forklifts' continued success and innovation.